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Thomas P. Madden Lifetime Achievement Award

2009 THOMAS P. MADDEN LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD This award is conferred upon an individual who has taught the University Seminar, originally known as “Freshman Seminar,” every year since 1988. He has never in those 20 years, used the same syllabus from one year to the next, but instead uses new readings to make the course more meaningful for students. In turn, students consistently reward him with evaluations placing him in the top 10 percent of teachers in this seminar. More important, they often stop him for informal conversations and consultations that extend beyond the end of the class and into the sophomore, junior, and senior years. This dedication to teaching first-year students and these accomplishments, impressive as they are on their own, rise to the level of the extraordinary when it is realized that for all of these years of teaching, until 2005, this honoree was President of the University. For his inspiring dedication to teaching the newest members of the Notre Dame family, the Thomas P. Madden Lifetime Achievement Award is conferred upon