*Please Note: With the start of the 2011–12 academic year, the ND Report website will no longer be updated.

Welcome to the Notre Dame Report

Notre Dame Report is an official publication of the University of Notre Dame, designed to serve as a record of certain University business, news, and information.

Publication Schedule

The Notre Dame Report will be a live publication on this website for each fiscal year. The reports will be archived annually in order to provide a permanent record of University activities.

Guidelines for Submissions

Faculty (all classes: teaching research faculty, special professional faculty, and librarians and special research faculty) and administrators may submit information to be printed in Notre Dame Report by submitting the information, including full names and titles of all Notre Dame faculty and staff, to ndreport@nd.edu.

Faculty and Administrators’ Notes:

Honors is composed of non-University ap­pointments in one’s field and outright hon­ors. It does not include fellowships, grants, etc. Information required for each honor submitted includes name, rank or title, department, honor, name of organiza­tion bestowing honor, city, state, and date (if applicable).

Activities must be of a professional and public nature (such as invited lectures and papers read) and should be related to one’s work at the University. Lectures given on campus are only acceptable if they are of a special nature and/or if they are presented to a broader audience than the Notre Dame community. Merely attending a meeting does not qualify for inclusion. Information required for each activity submitted includes name, rank or title, department, title of presenta­tion, title of conference or institution, city, state, and date. No activities are printed ahead of the date, only after the fact. Activi­ties may not be reported if over six months out of date.

Publication of books, articles in journals, proceedings, or books, as well as reviews, are published in Notre Dame Report. In­formation required for a publication in a book or journal includes name, rank or title, department (for all Notre Dame authors), title of article, name of journal (volume number, issue number, date) or name of book (author, place of publication, publisher, date), and page numbers. Infor­mation required for a published or edited book includes name, rank or title, depart­ment (for all Notre Dame authors), book title, place of publication, publisher, date, and total number of pages. Publications may not be reported if over six months past publication date.


Meeting minutes from the Graduate Council, Academic Coun­cil, University Committee on Libraries, Committee on Research and Sponsored Programs, Faculty Board on Athletics, and University Committee on Women Faculty and Students are printed, without editing, in Notre Dame Report. These minutes should be sent in electronic form to ndreport@nd.edu.


Notre Dame Report is an official publication published by the Office of the Provost at the University of Notre Dame.


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