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Rev. John “Pop” Farley, C.S.C., Award

2009 Recipient: REV. JOHN CONLEY, C.S.C.

The Rev. John “Pop” Farley, C.S.C., Award is given annually to honor distinguished service to student life at the University of Notre Dame.

Completing his 12th year as a residence hall rector, this year’s recipient hails originally from Rhode Island. A Holy Cross priest, he is like the Good Shepherd: He knows every student in Siegfried Hall, and they know him, as mentor, guide, advisor, and friend. By word and deed, he encourages these students and helps them strive for their full potential as scholars, leaders, and people of faith. Whether cheering on the Siegfried Ramblers to championships in football, hockey, and bowling; raising funds for the South Bend Center for the Homeless through the “Day of Man”; or leading the hall’s annual retreat, his energy and enthusiasm are contagious. He also coordinates the Confirmation program in Campus Ministry, helping students to grow in faith through sacramental preparation. A trusted and generous colleague, he has made invaluable contributions to student life and embodies the very best of Notre Dame.

It is with great gratitude for his tremendous service and commitment to the students of Notre Dame that we honor


Past Recipients

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