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Grenville Clark Award

2009 Recipient: Stuart Greene

The Grenville Clark Award honors an individual whose volunteer activities advance the cause of peace and human rights.

This year’s honoree has been described as a “very warm-hearted person . . . with a fine touch.” His role in the No Parent Left Behind Program, a collaborative effort with the South Bend School Corporation, involves working with parents, teachers, and primary-level students at Madison Primary Center and the Perley Fine Arts Academy. Due to its success, the program—which strives to enhance parental involvement in the educational process—will be extended to other schools and grade levels in the future.

Another volunteer effort, Transforming Action through Power, grooms its network of members to become community activists and leaders. Its efforts focus on important issues such as education, youth and violence, community revitalization, civil rights, and immigration. Our honoree offers his unique skills, warm heart, and personal touch to these and other efforts.

We are especially honored to present the Grenville Clark Award to


Associate Dean, College of Arts and Letters

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Rev. Theodore M. Hesburgh, C.S.C., was one of three recipients of the Grenville Clark Prize, an award given every three years by the Grenville Clark Fund at Dartmouth College. Father Hesburgh donated the Clark stipend to the Notre Dame endowment to underwrite a cash prize to be awarded each year. This award is made to a faculty member, administrator, or student whose voluntary activities serve to advance the causes of peace and human rights to which Grenville Clark devoted his extraordinary life of public service. All members of the Notre Dame community are invited to submit recommendations for this award.

Grenville Clark Award Winners

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1994 Bro. Bonaventure Scully, C.F.X.
1995 Eugene J. McClory
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Matthew Fitzgerald
1997 Thomas V. Merluzzi
1998 Jerry and Marge Marley
1999 Teresa Phelps
2000 Dave Kirkner
2001 Roger Jacobs
2002 Stephen Silliman
2003 Kenneth Hendricks
2004 Bro. Louis Hurcik, C.S.C.
2005 Barbara J. Fick
2006 Martin Wolfson
2007 Rev. Robert S. Pelton, C.S.C.
2008 Thomas L. Nowak