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Rev. William A. Toohey, C.S.C., Awards

2009 Recipient (Preaching): REV. LOUIS A. DELFRA, C.S.C.

The Rev. William A. Toohey, C.S.C., Award for Preaching is given to a Holy Cross priest who has made significant contributions to the University of Notre Dame in many different ways.

A zealous priest with a gifted intellect, he places his talents at the service of the Church through his outstanding preaching at many liturgies in the Basilica and across campus, as well as through the retreats at which he preaches, gathering alumni and friends of the Alliance for Catholic Education together to further deepen their commitment to Catholic education. He also directs a very popular and successful Bible study program offered to the undergraduate students at the University.

The University of Notre Dame is proud to present the Rev. William A. Toohey, C.S.C., Award for Preaching to

Campus Bible Study Coordinator, Campus Ministry
Director of Spirituality, Alliance for Catholic Education

* * * * *

2009 Recipient (Social Justice): REV. THOMAS GERARD STREIT, C.S.C.

The Reverend William A. Toohey, C.S.C., Award for Social Justice is given to a member of the faculty of the University who has dedicated himself to teaching and research on the campus of the University of Notre Dame and in other places around the world.

Of special note is his love for the people of Haiti, whom he serves so well through his pastoral presence and his significant achievements in discovering ways to enable the people of that country, and in many other places around the world, to eventually see the end of the scourge of lymphatic filariasis.

The University of Notre Dame is proud to confer the Rev. William A. Toohey, C.S.C., Award for Social Justice to

Research Assistant Professor Biological Sciences
* * * * *

Past Recipients

1991 Award established. No award given.
1992 The Reverend William B. Simmons, C.S.C., Pastor, Sacred Heart Parish
1993 The Reverend Joseph D. Ross, C.S.C., Rector, Morrissey Hall
1994 The Reverend H. Thomas McDermott, C.S.C., Director of Special Projects, Campus Ministry
1995 The Reverend Stephen P. Newton, C.S.C. (Preaching), Rector, Dormitory Rectors
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Garvey (Service), Mr. Garvey is Assistant Director of Public Relations and Information
1996 The Reverend John F. Lahey, C.S.C. (Preaching), Assistant Professional Specialist, Theology
Mr. Thomas J. Mason (Service), Vice President for Business Affairs
1997 The Reverend Daniel R. Jenky, C.S.C. (Preaching), Rector, Basilica of the Sacred Heart
The Reverend Donald McNeill, C.S.C. (Service), Director, Center for Social Concerns
1998 The Reverend Patrick Neary, C.S.C. (Preaching), Director of Cross-Cultural Ministry-Latino
The Reverend Peter Rocca, C.S.C. (Preaching), Rector, Basilica of the Sacred Heart
1999 The Reverend David Scheidler, C.S.C. (Preaching), Rector, St. Edward’s Hall
Ms. Kathleen Royer (Social Justice), Director, Community Partnerships and Service Learning, Center for Social Concerns
2000 The Reverend James M. Lies, C.S.C., Rector, Zahm Hall; Director, Campus Ministry Programs
Ms. Chandra J. Johnson, Assistant to the President; Assistant Director, Special Activities, Campus Ministry
2001 The Reverend Thomas P. Doyle, C.S.C. (Preaching and Service), Rector, Marilyn Keough Hall and Badin Hall
2002 Rev. Gary S. Chamberland, C.S.C. (Preaching), Instructor, Theology
John B. and Sylvia D. Dillon (Social Justice), Director, Religious Education and Catechist Program, Campus Ministry; Director, Marriage Prep and Enrichment, Campus Minister, University Village, Campus Ministry
2003 Rev. Peter A. Jarret, C.S.C. (Preaching), Rector, Keough Hall and Associate Director of Campus Ministry
Priscilla W. Wong (Social Justice), Assistant Director, Admin. & Cross-Cultural Ministry
2004 Rev. James B. King, C.S.C. (Preaching), Rector, Sorin Hall
Stephen E. Silliman (Social Justice), Associate Dean of College of Engineering and Professor of Civil Engineering and Geological Sciences
2005 Rev. Mark L. Poorman, C.S.C. (Preaching), Vice President for Student Affairs and Associate Professor of Theology
Not awarded this year (Social Justice)
2006 Reverend Daniel J. Parrish, C.S.C (Preaching), Rector of Zahm Hall and Director of Freshman Retreat Program
Dr. Ken Milani (Social Justice), Professor of Accountancy, Mendoza College of Business
2007 Rev. Joseph H. Carey, C.S.C. (Preaching), Career Counselor, Career Center; Assistant Director, Campus Ministry; and Chaplain, International Students
James P. Paladino (Social Justice), Associate Director for Program and Resource Administration, Center for Social Concerns
2008 Rev. Ralph L. Haag, C.S.C. (Preaching), Rector of St. Edward’s Hall
Paul R. Brenner, High-Performance Computing Engineering, Center for Research Computing