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Thomas P. Madden Award

2009 Recipient: JEFFREY J. SPEAKS

While only in his third year at Notre Dame, this philosophy faculty member has already made his mark in the classroom, where his demanding and uncompromising courses have inspired his students. He possesses the gift of making even the most abstract material both accessible and relevant to beginning students, an ability supplemented by his nearly legendary sets of class notes and commentaries, which even his faculty colleagues have been known to consult. His dedication in the classroom is fully returned in the devotion of his students. In the spring semester one can find his first-year students in the Honors Lounge making appointments to meet with him, because they miss attending his Honors Philosophy Seminar given in the fall. This year he assumed with great success what must be one of the more challenging first-year assignments in the University, the 250-seat Introduction to Philosophy, a course through which every undergraduate at Notre Dame must pass as a core requirement.

The University is pleased to confer the Thomas P. Madden Award upon


Assistant Professor of Philosophy
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This award honors the memory of a former English professor who was one of Notre Dame’s greatest teachers. It is presented annually to that member of the faculty who, in the opinion of a committee of former Madden Award winners, contributed most to the teaching of first-year students. Nominations are submitted by first-year students and first-year counselors.

Past Recipients

1962–63 Emil T. Hofman
1963–64 Robert E. Christin
1964–65 Rev. John C. Burke, C.S.C., and Robert L. Anthony
1965–66 Robert A. Leader
1966–67 Darwin J. Mead
1967–68 Bernard P. Norling
1968–69 Milko Jeglic and James L. Massey
1969–70 Archie J. MacAlpin
1970–71 Kraig Adler
1971–72 Mr. Lee Daniel
1972–73 Frank J. Bonello
1973–74 Rev. Thomas E. Blantz, C.S.C., and Cornelius F. Delaney
1974–75 Donald C. Sniegowski
1975–76 David W. Morgan
1976–77 Donald W. Kline
1977–78 John E. Derwent
1978–79 Michael J. Loux
1079–80 Walter J. Gajda Jr.
1980–81 Barth Pollak
1981–82 Michael J. Francis
1982–83 Thomas R. Swartz
1983–84 Richard F. Foley
1984–85 Alan Howard
1985–86 Terrence J. Akai
1986–87 Thomas V. Morris
1987–88 Rev. James T. Burtchael, C.S.C.
1988–89 Rev. Wilson D. Miscamble, C.S.C.
1989–90 Prof. Randal C. Ruchti
1990–91 Linda–Margaret Hunt and Rev. George Minamiki, S.J.
1991–92 Rev. Lawrence Njoroge
1992–93 Xavier Creary
1993–94 Irwin Press
1994–95 Alexander J. Hahn
1995–96 Rudy Bottei
1996–97 Rev. Robert Krieg, C.S.C.
1997–98 Michael J. Chetcuti and Dennis C. Jacobs
1998–99 William Ramsey
1999–2000 James McKenna
2000–01 A. James McAdams
2001–02 Esther–Mirjam Sent
2002–03 Pit–Mann Wong
2003–04 Seth Brown
2004–05 Alex A. Himonas
2005–06 Eileen Hunt Botting
2006–07 Gary M. Gutting and Christopher F. Kolda
2007–08 Joseph A. Buttigieg and Dennis M. Snow