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Joyce Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching

The Joyce Award, formerly known as the Kaneb Teaching Award, is named for the late executive vice president of Notre Dame. It honors faculty members who have had a profound influence on undergraduate students through sustained exemplary teaching, and, in particular, recognizes professors who create environments that stimulate significant student learning, elevate students to a new level of intellectual engagement, and foster students’ ability to express themselves effectively within their disciplines. The award was funded through an endowment established by the Notre Dame class of 1937, of which Father Joyce was a member, on the 70th anniversary of his graduation.

Past Recipients

Kaneb Teaching Awards

College of Arts and Letters Matthew F. Benedict—English
John C. Cavadini—Theology
Craig Cramer—Music
Kevin C. Dreyer—Film, Television, and Theatre
AnaMaria R. Goulet—Romance Languages and Literatures
Anita E. Kelly—Psychology
William J. Krier—English
Alasdair MacIntyre—Philosophy
Bradley J. Malkovsky—Theology
Barbara Mangione—Romance Languages and Literatures
Daniel Myers—Sociology
William M. Ramsey—Philosophy
Rev. Timothy R. Scully C.S.C—Government
Esther-Mirjam Sent—Economics
Susan G. Sheridan—Anthropology
James Smyth—History
Robert A. Vacca—Classics
Anre Venter—Psychology
Joseph P. Wawrykow—Theology
Andrew J. Weigert—Sociology
School of Architecture John Stamper—Architecture
College of Business Administration Matt Bloom—Management
J. Michael Crant—Management
Chao-Shin Liu—Accountancy
Patrick Murphy—Marketing
Margot O’Brien—Accountancy
Norlin Rueschhoff—Accountancy
Edward Trubac—Finance
College of Engineering Joan F. Brennecke—Chemical Engineering
Ramzi K. Bualuan—Computer Science and Engineering
Thomas E. Fuja—Electrical Engineering
Eric J. Jumper—Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
David J. Kirkner—Civil Engineering and Geological Sciences
Jerry J. Marley—Civil Engineering and Geological Sciences
College of Science Ikaros Bigi—Physics
Xavier Creary—Chemistry and Biochemistry
Paul Helquist—Chemistry and Biochemistry
Dennis Jacobs—Chemistry and Biochemistry
Kristin Lewis—Biological Sciences
Marvin Miller—Chemistry and Biochemistry
Dennis Snow—Mathematics
Richard Taylor—Chemistry and Biochemistry
Michelle Whaley—Biological Sciences
Pit-Mann Wong—Mathematics
College of Arts and Letters Elliot Bartky—Program of Liberal Studies
Gail Bederman—History
Julia Braungart-Rieker—Psychology
Derek Chalfant—Art
Walton Collins—American Studies
Stuart Greene—English
Gary Hamburg—History
Mary Catherine Hilkert—Theology
William Leahy—Economics
Rev. Edward Malloy C.S.C.—Theology and University President
Elena Mangione-Lora—Romance Languages
Paul McDowell—Romance Languages
Carolyn Nordstrom—Anthropology
Catherine Perry—Romance Languages
Dorothy Pratt—History and Office of Undergraduate Studies
John Roos—Political Science
Charles Rosenberg—Art
Mark Schurr—Anthropology
Dan Sheerin—Classics
Christine Venter—First Year Composition
Thomas Werge—English
Christina Wolbrecht—Political Science
School of Architecture Richard Economakis—Architecture
College of Business Administration Yu-Chi Chang—Management
Jim Davis—Management
Bob Drevs—Web Administration
Bill McDonald—Finance
Fred Mittelstaedt—Accountancy
John Weber—Marketing
James Wittenbach—Accountancy
College of Engineering Peter Kogge—Computer Science and Engineering
Mark McCready—Chemical Engineering
Thomas Mueller—Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
Clive Neal—Civil Engineering and Geological Sciences
Kenneth Sauer—Electrical Engineering
Steven Schmid—Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
College of Science Harvey Bender—Biological Sciences
Mario Borelli—Mathematics
Seth Brown—Chemistry and Biochemistry
Jeffrey Diller—Mathematics
Alex Himonas—Mathematics
Gerald Jones—Physics
Randal Ruchti—Physics
Anthony Serianni—Chemistry and Biochemistry
Martin Tenniswood—Biological Sciences
College of Arts and Letters Geraldine Ameriks—Romance Languages and Literatures
Rev. Nicholas, C.S.C. Ayo—Program of Liberal Studies
Steven Brady—History
James Collins—Film, Television, and Theatre
Alan Dowty—Political Science
Alfred Freddoso—Philosophy
Agustin Fuentes—Anthropology
Gary Gutting—Philosophy
Kevin Hart—English
Don Howard—Philosophy
Carlos Jerez-Farran—Romance Languages and Literatures
Ian Kuijt—Anthropology
Scott Maxwell—Psychology
Christian Moevs—Romance Languages and Literatures
Ava Preacher—Core Program
Robert Schmuhl—American Studies
Siiri Scott—Film, Television, and Theatre
Rabbi Michael Signer—Theology
David Smith—Psychology
Daniel Stowe—Music
Julie Turner—Program of Liberal Studies
Jennifer Warlick—Economics and Policy Studies
School of Architecture Robert Amico—Architecture
College of Business Administration Robert Battalio—Finance
Carolyn Boulger—Master of Science in Administration
Barry Keating—Finance
Tim Loughran—Finance
Ken Milani—Accountancy
Mike Morris—Accountancy
Jim O’Rourke—Management
College of Engineering Danny Chen—Computer Science and Engineering
Robert Howland—Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
David Leighton—Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Robert Nelson—Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
Stephen Silliman—Civil Engineering and Geological Sciences
Gregory Snider—Electrical Engineering
College of Science Samuel Evens—Mathematics
Rev. James Foster, C.S.C.—Preprofessional Studies
Michael Gekhtman—Mathematics
Gregory Hartland—Chemistry and Biochemistry
Anthony Hyder—Physics
James Kolata—Physics
A. Graham Lappin—Chemistry and Biochemistry
Juan Migliore—Mathematics
Jonathan Sapirstein—Physics
Olaf Wiest—Chemistry and Biochemistry
College of Arts and Letters Laura Carlson—Psychology
Marian David—Philosophy
William Donaruma—Film, Television, and Theatre
Janet Fisher-McPeak—Romance Languages and Literature
Teresa Ghilarducci—Economics and Policy Studies
Dawn Gondoli—Psychology
Brad Gregory—History
Noriko Hanabusa—East Asian Languages and Literatures
Susan Harris—English
Peter Holland—Film, Television, and Theatre
Maxwell E. Johnson—Theology
Giovanna Lenzi-Sandusky—Romance Languages and Literatures
George Lopez—Political Science
James J. McKenna—Anthropology
Anthony Messina—Political Science
Maria Rosa Olivera-Williams—Romance Languages and Literatures
Susan Sheridan—Anthropology
John Staud—English
Andrea Topash-Rios—Romance Languages and Literatures
Alain Toumayan—Romance Languages and Literatures
Andrew Weigert—Sociology
Thomas Whitman—Psychology
School of Architecture Thomas Gordon Smith—Architecture
Mendoza College of Business Matt Bloom—Management
J. Michael Crant—Management
Shane Corwin—Finance
Chao-Shin Liu—Accountancy
Jerry Langley—Finance
Elizabeth Moore—Marketing
College of Engineering Jay Brockman—Computer Science and Engineering
Peter Bauer—Electrical Engineering
John William Bauer—Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
Lloyd Ketchum—Civil Engineering and Geological Sciences
Wolfgand Porod—Electrical Engineering
Salma Saddawi—Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
College of Science Dobrowolska-Furdyna, Malgorzata—Physics
Paul Helquist—Chemistry and Biochemistry
David Hyde—Biological Sciences
Christopher Kolda—Physics
Kristin Lewis—Biological Sciences
Kathie Newman—Physics
Jeffrey Schorey—Biological Sciences
Brian Smyth—Mathematics
Dennis Snow—Mathematics
JoEllen Welsh—Biological Sciences
College of Arts and Letters Thomas Anderson—Romance Languages and Literatures
Paul Cobb—History
Luke Gibbons—English
Kathleen Gibney—Psychology
Mark Gunty—Sociology
Frances Hagopian—Political Science
Ethan Haimo—Music
Graham Hammill—English
Joshua Kaplan—Political Science
Edward Kelly—University Writing Program
Robert Krieg—Theology
Timothy Matovina—Theology
Ivis Menes—Romance Languages and Literatures
Martha Merritt—Joan B. Kroc International Peace Studies
Richard Pierce—History
Carolyn Plummer—Music
Clark Power—Program of Liberal Studies
Charles Pressler—Sociology
Vera Profit—German and Russian Languages and Literatures
Mark Roche—Dean, Arts and Letters; German and Russian Languages and Literatures
Thomas Schlereth—Program of Liberal Studies
Robert Sullivan—History
Paul Weithman—Philosophy
Kathleen Werner—Romance Languages and Literatures
School of Architecture Dennis Doordan—Architecture
Mendoza College of Business Carl Ackermann—Finance
Robert Drevs—Web Administration
Patrick Murphy—Marketing
Margot O’Brien—Accountancy
John Weber—Marketing
James Wittenbach—Accountancy
College of Engineering Stephen Batill—Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
Ramzi Bualuan—Computer Science and Engineering
Patrick Dunn—Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
David Kirkner—Civil Engineering and Geological Sciences
Craig Lent—Electrical Engineering
Edward Maginn—Chemical Engineering
College of Science Gary Belovsky—Biological Sciences
Seth Brown—Chemistry and Biochemistry
Neal Cason—Physics
Xavier Creary—Chemistry and Biochemistry
Umesh Garg—Physics
Bei Hu—Mathematics
Gary Lamberti—Biological Sciences
Gerard Misiolek—Mathematics
Joseph O’Tousa—Biological Sciences
Michelle Whaley—Biological Sciences

Joyce Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching

College of Science Sunny Boyd—Biological Sciences
Richard Taylor—Chemistry and Biochemistry
Michael Wiescher—Physics
Mendoza College of Business Yu-Chi Chang—Management
Jeffrey Miller—Accountancy
College of Arts and Letters Kathleen Cummings—History
Paul Down—Art, Art History, and Design
Jan-Luder Hagens—German and Russian Languages and Literatures
Louis Jr. MacKenzie—Romance Languages and Literatures
A. James McAdams—Political Science
Nordstrom, Carolyn—Anthropology
Rev. Mark Poorman C.S.C.—Theology
William Ramsey—Philosophy
Siiri Sativa Scott—Film, Television, and Theatre
A. Peter Walshe—Political Science
College of Engineering Michael Stanisic—Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
Jeffrey Talley—Civil Engineering and Geological Sciences
College of Arts and Letters David Campbell—political science
Laura Carlson—psychology
James Collins—Film, Television, and TV
Lawrence Cunningham—Theology
John Duffy—English
James McKenna—Anthropology
Thomas Noble—Medieval Institute
Schlegel, Catherine—Classics
Hannelore Weber—German and Russian languages
Julia Marvin—Program of Liberal Studies
School of Architecture Alan DeFrees—Architecture
College of Engineering John Goodwine Jr.—Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
Yahya Kurama—civil engineering
College of Science Jeffrey Diller—Mathematics
Malgorzata Dobrowolska-Furdyna—Physics
Michael Hildreth—Physics
Mendoza College of Business Edward Hums—Accountancy
Timothy Loughran—Finance
Mendoza College of Business Carl Ackermann—Finance
Bill Schmuhl-Accountancy
College of Arts and Letters Gary Anderson—Theology
Noriko Hanabusa—East Asian Languages & Culture
Catherine Hilkert—Theology
Joshua Kaplan—Political Science
Ian Kuijt—Anthropology
Sylvia Lin—East Asian Languages & Culture
David O’Connor—Philosophy
David Ruccio—Economics and Policy Studies
Robert Sedlack Jr.—Art and Art History
Henry Weinfield—PLS
Susan Youens—Music
College of Engineering Mihir Sen—Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
College of Science Seth Brown—Chemistry and Biochemistry
Paul Helquist—Chemistry and Biochemistry
Gary Lamberti—Biological Sciences
Dennis Snow—Mathematics
Michelle Whaley—Biological Sciences
Other John Staud—Alliance for Catholic Education