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Faculty Award

2009 Recipient: VALERIE L. SAYERS

The honoree for this year’s Faculty Award is a distinguished scholar who came to the University in 1993. As colleagues in her department state, “It was her work that really created a most successful Creative Writing Program—despite a shoestring budget.” Moreover, she has always been a magnificent ideas person who is not put off by the diurnal labor of making something succeed. She has contributed to a number of discussions on this campus, figuring in numerous committees of importance. Her genius and creative thinking help to make us what we are, and her encouragement of others keeps us all “going in the right direction.”

The University of Notre Dame is pleased to confer the Faculty Award upon


Professor of English
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Established in the 1927–28 academic year by the Alumni Association, the Faculty Award singles out that faculty member who, in the opinion of his or her colleagues, has contributed outstanding services to the University. Nominations are received from the faculty at large and a committee of former Faculty Award winners makes the final selection.

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