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Faculty Publications R–Z

Adrian J. Reimers, adjunct assistant professor of philosophy, published “Integration and Transcendence of the Person in the (Marital) Act,” Nova et Vetera (English Edition) 6, No. 4 (2008): 857–78; and “Teologia ciała wobec wyzwań kultury użycia” (Theology of the Body Confronting the Challenge of Consumer Culture) in Ethos 84, No. 4 (2008): 151–63.

Gabriel Said Reynolds, assistant professor of Islamic studies and theology, contributed a chapter on “Abd al-Jabbar” to The Islamic World (London, 2008): 338–44; “Abd al-Jabbar” in The Islamic World, ed. A. Rippin (London: Routledge, 2008): 338–44; “Reading the Qur’ān as Homily: The Case of Sarah’s Laughter” in The Quran in Context, ed. A. Neuwirth (Leiden: Brill, 2009): 1–7; and a review of S. Griffith The Church in the Shadow of the Mosque in the Journal of Law and Religion 24 (2008–9): 101–5.

Alison Rice, assistant professor and Fellow of the Nanovic Institute for European Studies, published her interview with Mauritian writer Nathacha Appanah, “Le Français, langue exotique: Entretien avec Nathacha Appanah” in Nouvelles Études Francophones 23, No. 1 (Spring 2008): 184–97; “‘Making the Familiar Foreign’: Exile and Identity in Nancy Huston’s Lettres parisiennes and Nord perdu” in Essays in French Literature and Culture 45 (November 2008): 105–24; and “Striking Gold: Ken Bugul’s La Pièce d’or Hits Home by Writing Back” in Emergent Perspectives on Ken Bugul: From Alternative Choices to Oppositional Practices, J.-S. de Larquier and A. Azoamaka Azoda, eds. (Trenton: Africa World Press, 2008): 303–17.

Karen E. Richman, director of Migration and Border Studies in the Institute for Latino Studies, published “‘Call us Vote People’: Citizenship, Migration and Transnational Politics in Haitian and Mexican Locations” in Citizenship, Political Engagement and Belonging: Immigrants in Europe and the United States, D. Reed-Danahay and C. Brettell, eds. (New Brunswick: Rutgers University Press, 2008): 262–95; “A More Powerful Sorcerer: Conversion and Capital in the Haitian Diaspora” in New West Indian Guide 82, Nos. 1–2 (2008): 1–43; with R. Knight, “La Tercera Edad: A Focus Group Study on the Effects of Retirement on Latino Families” in Business Journal of Hispanic Research 2, No. (2008): 30–61; and “Latinos’ Retirement Income Security” with Teresa Ghilarducci, professor of economics and policy studies, in Business Journal of Hispanic Research 2, No. 2 (2008): 50–63. She also published “Catholic, Vodou, and Protestant—Being Haitian, Becoming American” with E. McAlister in Immigration and Religion in America: Comparative and Historical Perspectives, R. Alba, J. DeWind, and A. Raboteau, eds. (New York: New York University Press, 2008): 319–352 i; “Congregating by cassette: Recording and participation in transnational Haitian religious rituals” with T. Rey International Journal of Cultural Studies 200912: 149–66, on the Web at ics.sagepub.com/cgi/content/abstract/12/2/149 <http://ics.sagepub.com/cgi/content/abstract/12/2/149?etoc; and “Congregating by Cassette” with T. Rey in International Journal of Cultural Studies 12, No. 1 (2009): 53–70.

Deborah L. Rotman, director of undergraduate studies in anthropology, published “Exploring Surface Collected Data with Spatial Analysis Methods” with A.P. Bradbury, J.L. Allgood, J.M. Anderson, and M.D. Richmond, in North American Archaeologist 29, No. 1 (2008):13–36.

Randal Ruchti, professor of physics, published “Design, Performance, and Calibration of CMS Hadron-Barrel Calorimeter Wedges” with S. Abdullin, et al., Eur. Phys. J. C 55 (2008): 159–71.

Steven Ruggiero, professor of physics, published “Observation of Nonmagnetic Resonant Scattering Effects by Tunneling in Dilute Al-Mn Alloy Superconductors” with G. O’Neil, D. Schmidt, N.A. Miller, J.N. Ullom, A. Williams, and G.B. Arnold, Physical Review Letters 100, 056804 (2008): 1–4; and “Progress in Density of States Measurement of Al Lightly Doped with Mn” with G. O’Neil, D. Schmidt, N.A. Miller, K.D. Irwin, J.N. Ullom, A. Williams, and G.B. Arnold, Journal of Low Temperature Physics 151 (2008): 70–75.

Ronald J. Sakal, executive director of the Center for Building Communities, and Sallie Hood, director of design for the Center for Building Communities, published an invited commentary titled “Saving Energy Locally and Collaboratively” in connection with the Notre Dame Sustainable Energy Forum at http://enlighten.nd.edu/news/948-the-center-for-building-communities-saving-energy-locally-and-collaboratively; and published “One Lot at a Time: Ten Tools for Redesigning Communities” in Traditional Building magazine (October 2008) and on the Web at http://www.traditional-building.com.

Jonathan R. Sapirstein, professor of physics, published “Calculation of Radiative Corrections to Hyperfine Splitting in p3/2 states” with K.T. Cheng, Physical Review A 78, 022515 (2008); and “Recoil Corrections to Decay Rates of Hydrogenic Ions” with G.S. Adkins, ibid. 78, 062503 (2008).

W. Robert Scheidt, the Warren (III) Foundation Chair in Science, published a reprint of “Intermolecular Dynamics in Crystalline Iron Octaethylporphyrin (FeOEP),” written with V. Starovoitova, G.R.A. Wyllie, W. Sturhahn, E.E. Alp, and S.M. Durbin, in Journal of Physical Chemistry B 112 (2008): 12656–61; a reprint of “Explorations in Metalloporphyrin Stereochemistry, Physical Properties and Beyond” in Journal of Porphyrins and Pthalocyanines 12 (2008): 979–92; and a reprint of “Cyanide: A Strong-Field Ligand for Ferrohemes and Hemoproteins?” written with J. Li, R.L. Lord, B. Noll, M.-H. Baik, and C.E. Schulz, in Angewandnte Chemie International Edition 47 (2008): 10144–46; and published “Hydrogen Bonding Influence of 1,10-Phenanthroline on Five-Coordinate High-Spin Imidazole-Ligated Iron(I) Porphyrinates” with B. Noll, C. Hu, and C.E. Schulz, in Inorganic Chemistry 47, No. 19 (2008): 8884–95. Scheidt published a reprint of “Tetragonal to Triclinic‚A Phase Change for [Fe(TPP)(NO)],” written with N.J. Silvernail, M.M. Olmstead, and B.C. Noll, in Inorganic Chemistry 48 (2009): 971–7; and “Mapping NO Movements in Crystalline [Fe(Porph)(NO)(Melm)]” with N.J. Silvernail, A. Barabanschikov, J.T. Sage, and B.C. Noll in the Journal of the American Chemical Society 131 (2009): 2131–40.

Cheri Smith, coordinator for instructional services, University Libraries, published “Missing Items: Automating the Replacement Workflow Process” with A. Guimaraes, M. Havert, and T.H. Prokrym in Information Technology and Libraries 28, No. 2 (June 2009): 93–99.

Duncan Stroik, associate professor of architecture, published “Dieci Miti dell’architettura ecclesiastica contemporanea” in Cristianita (Sept.–Dec. 2008): 343–4; was featured for the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Lacrosse, Wis., in an article by F. Klein in the Catholic News Service on Aug. 5, 2008; and published an editorial, “Catechismus in Lapidem” in Sacred Architecture Journal (fall 2008). A building designed by Stroik was featured in “Beauty as Expanded Reason: The Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe,” by N. Waldman, in Adoremus Bulletin (September 2008); and one of Stroik’s projects was featured in an article by G. Sullivan, “Renovating to Reflect the Divine at St. Bede’s,” in the Philadelphia Bulletin in October.

Julia Adeney Thomas, associate professor of history, contributed a new preface, “Atarashii Busshitsu Shugi” [The New Materialism], for her book Reconfiguring Modernity: Concepts of Nature in Japanese Political Ideology, translated and published in Japanese as Kindai no saikochiku: Nihon seiji ideorogii ni okeru shizen no gainen by Hosei Univ. Press; “Power Made Visible: Photography and Postwar Japan’s Elusive Reality” in the Journal of Asian Studies 67, No. 2 (May 2008); and “The Shōwa Emperor and Photography: The Unreciprocated Gaze,” in Ben-Ami Shillony, ed., Handbook of the Emperors of Modern Japan (Leiden: E. J. Brill, 2008). Her essay, “Rekishi to hanrekishi—Shashinkan to Nihon no nashuunaru aidentiti" [History and Anti-History: Photography Exhibitions and Japan’s National Identity], was reprinted in S.A. Crane, ed., Myuujiamu to Kioku [Museums and Memories] (Tokyo: Arina Shōbō, 2009).

J. Kerry Thomas, emeritus faculty, published “Compaction of Porous Silica: A Photophysical Study” in Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 115 (2008): 399–404.

Zoltan Toroczkai, professor of physics, published “Gradient Networks” with B. Kozma, K.E. Bassler, N.W. Hengartner, and G. Korniss, Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical 41 (2008): 155103; and “Using Relaxational Dynamics to Reduce Network Congestion” with A.L. Pastore y Piontti, C.E. La Rocca, L.A. Braunstein, P.A. Macr and E.D. López, New Journal of Physics 10 (2008): 093007.

Eugene Ulrich, professor of theology, published “Deuteronomistically Inspired Scribal Insertions into the Developing Biblical Texts: 4QJudga and 4QJera,” in Houses Full of All Good Things: Essays in Memory of Timo Veijola (ed. J. Pakkala and M. Nissinen; (Göttingen, Finnish Exegetical Society, Helsinki; Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 2008): 489–506; “Sample Editions of the Oxford Hebrew Bible: Deut 32:1-9, 1 Kings 11:1-8, and Jeremiah 27:1-10 (34 G)” with S. White Crawford and J. Joosten, Vetus Testamentum 58 (2008): 352–66; and “Identification of a Scribe Active at Qumran: 1QPsb–4QIsac–11QM” in Meghillot: Studies in the Dead Sea Scrolls 5–6: A Festschrift for Devorah Dimant (2008): 201–10.

James VanderKam, the Rev. John A. O’Brien Chair in Theology, published “Recent Scholarship on the Book of Jubilees” in Currents in Biblical Research 6, No. 3 (2008): 405–31; “Essenes,” “Feasts and Fasts,” and “Harvest,” in The New Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible2 (Nashville: Abingdon): 315–6, 443–47, and 738; “Judaism,” and “Leaven,” ibid. 3: 424–35, and 627; and “Sources for the Astronomy in 1 Enoch 72-82,” in Birkat Shalom: Studies in the Bible, Ancient Near Eastern Literature, and Postbiblical Judaism Presented to Shalom M. Paul on the Occasion of His Seventieth Birthday 2 vols., ed. C. Cohen et al. (Winona Lake, Ind: Eisenbrauns, 2008): 965–78.

John P. Welle, professor of Romance languages and literatures, concurrent professor of film, television and theatre, and Fellow of the Nanovic Institute, published two chapters in books: “Un romanzo di nostalgie cinematografiche: sinergie narrative in Sinemà” in Sinergie narrative: Cinema e letteratura nell’Italia contemporanea, eds. G. Bonsaver, M. McLaughlin, and F. Pellegrini (Florence: Franco Cesati Editore, 2008): 111–22; and “The Cinema Arrives in Italy: City, Region, and Nation in Early Film Discourse” in Early Cinema and the “National” eds. R. Abel, G. Bertellini, and R. King (New Barnett, UK: John Libbey, 2008): 164–71.

Michael C.F. Wiescher, the Freimann Professor of Physics, published “Measurement of the 19F(p,γ)20Ne Reaction and Interference Terms from Ec.m.=200-760 keV” with A. Couture, Mary Beard (graduate research assistant in physics, Manoel Jacques Couder (postdoctoral research associate in physics, Joachim Görres (research professor of physics), Larry Lamm (research professor of physics), Paul LeBlanc (graduate research assistant in physics), H.Y. Lee, S. O’Brien (graduate research assistant in physics), Annalia Palumbo (graduate research assistant in physics), Edward Stech (assistant professional specialist in physics), E. Strandberg, Wanpeng Tan (assistant professional specialist in physics), Ethan Uberseder (graduate assistant in physics), C. Ugalde, and Richard Azuma (adjunct professor of physics), Phys. Rev. C 77 (2008): 015802; “The 14C(n,γ) Cross Section Between 10 keV and 1 MeV” with R. Reifarth, M. Heil, C. Forssén, U. Besserer, A. Couture, S. Dababneh, L. Dörr, J. Görres, R.C. Haight, F. Käppeler, A. Mengoni, S. O’Brien, N. Patronis, R. Plag, R.S. Rundberg, and J.B. Wilhelmy, ibid. (2008): 015804; “Design of the Recoil Mass Separator St. George” with M. Couder, G.P.A. Berg, J. Görres, P.J. LeBlanc, Larry Lamm, Edward Stech, and J. Hinnefeld, Nucl. Instr. Meth. A 587 (2008): 35; “Thermonuclear Rate for the 19F(α,p)22Ne Reaction at Stellar Temperatures” with C. Ugalde, Richard Azuma, A. Couture, J. Görres, H.Y. Lee, Edward Stech, E. Strandberg, and W. Tan, ibid., (2008): 035801; “Neutron Capture Cross Section of 90Zr: Bottleneck in the s-Process Reaction Flow” with G. Tagliente et al., ibid., (2008): 035802; “The Impact of the 18F(α,p)21Ne Reaction on Asymptotic Giant Branch Nucleosynthesis” with A. Karakas, H.-Y. Lee, M. Lugaro, and J. Görres, Astrophys. J. 676 (2008): 1254; “24Mg(α,g)28Si Resonance Parameters at Low α-Particle Energies” with E. Strandberg, M. Beard, M. Couder, A. Couture, Sascha Falahat (research visitor in physics), J. Görres, P.J. LeBlanc, H.Y. Lee, S. O’Brien, Annalia Palumbo, Edward Stech, Wanpeng Tan, C. Ugalde, H. Costantini, K. Scheller, M. Pignatari, Richard Azuma, and L. Buchmann, Phys. Rev. C 77 (2008): 055801; “The 13C(α,n) Reaction and Its Role as a Neutron Source for the s Process” with M. Heil, R. Detwiler, Richard Azuma, A. Couture, J. Daly, J. Görres, F. Käppeler, R. Reifarth, P. Tischhauser, and C. Ugalde, Phys. Rev. C 78 (2008): 025803; “Recent Results at nTOF and Future Perspectives” with S. Marrone and the nTof Collaboration, AIP Conference Proceedings 1001 (2008): 90–97; “Thermonuclear Reaction Rate Libraries and Software Tools for Nuclear Astrophysics” with M. Smith, R. Cyburt, H. Schatz, K. Smith, S. Warren, R. Ferguson, E. Lingerfelt, K. Buckner, and C.D. Nesaraja, AIP Conference Proceedings 1016 (2008): 466–8; and “Experimental Study of the Variation of Alpha Elastic Scattering Cross Sections Along Isotopic and Isotonic Chains at Low Energies” with G.G. Kiss, D. Galaviz, Gy Gyürky, Z. Elekes, Zs. Fülöp, E. Somorjai, K. Sonnabend, A. Zilges, P. Mohr, J. Görres, N. Özkan, T. Güray, C. Yalcin, and M. Avrigeanu, AIP Conference Proceedings 1016 (2008): 221–6. He published “Production of Stable Tellurium Evaporated Targets” with J.P. Greene, A. Palumbo (graduate student), W.P. Tan, and J. Görres, in Nuclear Instruments & Methods A 590 (2008): 76–78; “Experimental Study of the 91Zr(n,g) Reaction up to 26 keV” with G. Tagliente et al. in TOF Collaboration, Physical Review C 78, 045804 (2008); “The s-Process in Massive Stars at Low Metallicity: The Effect of Primary 14N from Fast Rotating Stars,” with M. Pignatari, R. Gallino, G. Meynet, R. Hirschi, and F. Herwig, Astrophysical Journal Letters 687, L95 (2008); and “Nuclear Processes in Stellar Explosions” in Fourth International Conference on Fission and Properties of Neutron-Rich Nuclei, Sanibel, Florida, J.H. Hamilton, A.V. Ramayya, H.K. Carter, eds. (World Scientific: 2008): 3–12.

Rev. Oliver F. Williams, director of the Center for Ethics and Religious Values in Business, published “Business Ethics,” Chapter 11 in Management: Fresh Perspectives (South Africa: Pearson/Prentice Hall, 2007): 291–329; and contributed to and edited Peace Through Commerce: Responsible Citizenship and the Ideals of the United Nations Global Compact (Notre Dame, Univ. of Notre Dame Press, 2008) 536 pages.

Randall Zachman, professor of theology, edited and contributed to John Calvin and Roman Catholicism: Engagement and Critique, Then and Now (Baker Academic, 2008).