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Faculty Activities C–D

Mark Caprio, professor of physics, presented “Nuclear Structure and Triaxiality with the Algebraic Collective Model,” a contributed talk, at the “Thirteenth International Symposium on Capture Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy and Related Topics” in Köln, Germany, Aug. 25–29, 2008; “Nuclear Structure with the Algebraic Collective Model” at the “21st Annual Midwest Theory Get-Together,” Argonne National Laboratory, Illinois, on Oct. 18, 2008; and “Nuclear Structure with the Algebraic Collective Model” at a meeting of the American Physical Society Division of Nuclear Physics, in Oakland, Calif., Oct. 25, 2008. Caprio was a panel participant on “Modern Trends in Physics Education” at the Yale Physics Alumni Conference “Today’s Physics for Tomorrow’s World” in New Haven, Conn., on Nov. 9, 2008.

Francis J. Castellino, professor of chemistry and biochemistry, visited Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia to consult with collaborators and gave the invited talk “Protein C at the Crossroads of Hemostasis and Inflammation” on Sept. 10, 2008.

Daniel M. Chipman, professional specialist in the Radiation Laboratory, presented “Excited States of Water and Hydroxyl Radical” at the “Gordon Conference on Radiation Chemistry”, Waterville Valley, N.H., July 7–11, 2008; and “A Dielectric Continuum Model of Solvation for Use in Electronic Structure Theory” at the “49th Sanibel Symposium” in St. Simons Island, Ga., Feb. 26–March 3, 2009.

Kevin J. Christiano, associate professor of sociology, was an invited member of the panel “From Hand to Mouth: Assessments of Where We Stand and Where We’re Heading” at the annual meeting of the Association for the Sociology of Religion, in Boston, Mass., on Aug. 2, 2008, where he delivered a commentary on “History and Historical Scholarship for the Sociology of Religion” in the session titled “Clio Goes to Church (Again): History, Time, Meaning, and Memory in the Sociology of Religion” on July 31, and chaired the professional development workshop on “Assessment of Teaching in the Sociology of Religion: Issues of Learning, Accreditation, and Performance-Based Funding” on Aug. 2. Also in Boston, at the annual meeting of the American Sociological Association, Christiano served as presider for the Section on the Sociology of Religion’s roundtable discussion on “Religion and Life Outcomes” on Aug. 3. Christiano served as part of an “Author Meets the Critics” panel on Hollywood Faith: Holiness, Prosperity, and Ambition in a Los Angeles Church, by Gerardo Martí (New Brunswick, N.J.: Rutgers University Press, 2008) at the annual meeting of the Society for the Scientific Study of Religion in Louisville, Ky. (Oct. 17, 2008); and chaired the session on “Values and Politics” at the 16th biennial conference of the American Council for Québec Studies in Québec, Canada, on Nov. 14, 2008. Christiano chaired the research sessions on “Religion and Society” and “Issues in Religion and Spiritual Culture” at the annual meeting of the North Central Sociological Association in Dearborn, Mich., April 17–18, 2009.

Philippe Collon, professor of physics, presented “Measurement of 39Ar/Ar Ratios using AMS on Underground Argon Samples using the Newly Developed Ultra-Pure Al Lined Plasma Chamber” at the 2008 fall meeting of the Division of Nuclear Physics of NSF, Oakland, Calif., Oct. 23–26, 2008; and “Accelerator Mass Spectrometry: From Dating the Ice Man and Tracing Cceans to the Stars,” an invited colloquium, at the physics department of Idaho State University, on Nov. 20, 2008.

Xavier Creary, the Huisking Professor of Chemistry, presented an invited seminar titled “Reactive Intermediates and Probes for Reaction Mechanisms” at Hope College, Holland, Mich., on Nov. 14, 2008.

Lawrence Cunningham, professor of theology, presented “On the Anglican-Roman Catholic Dialogue” at Holy Tinity Parish, South Bend, on May 28, 2008; two conferences on the tradition of mystical prayer at the Franciscan Sisters Motherhouse, Mishawaka, Ind., on June 23, 2008; “On the Tradition of Lectio Divina” to the seminarians of the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend on July 9, 2008; “Preaching a Good Word” to the clergy of the Diocese of Frot Wayne/South Bend at Pokagon, Ind., on Oct. 2, 2008; and the Murray-Bacik Lecture “Questions about God” at Corpus Christi University Parish of the University of Toledo (Ohio) on Oct. 7, 2008.

Antonio Delgado, professor of physics, presented the seminar “Dynamical mu Term in Gauge Mediation” for the SLAC Theory Group, Menlo Park, on June 18; and the seminar “Higgs-Unparticle Interplay” for the SLAC Experimental Group, Menlo Park, Calif., on June 17, 2008, at Fermilab, Batavia, Ill., on Sept. 25, 2008, at Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y., on Oct. 22, 2008, and again at Washington University, St. Louis, Mo., Dec. 11, 2008. He presented “Higgs-Unparticle Interplay” as a plenary talk at “Planck 2008, From the Planck Scale to the Electroweak Scale, CosmoCaixa” in Barcelona, Spain, on May 22, 2008, and again at “Forum in Particle Physics,” Weihai, China, on July 13, 2008; “Unparticle-Higgs Interplay,” a seminar, at Rutgers University, Piscataway, N.J., on March 10, 2009; and “Unparticle Physics,” a colloquium, at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, on March 13, 2009.  Presented “Unparticle-Higgs interplay,” seminar at University of Madrid, Madrid, Spain, March 31, 2009.

JoAnn DellaNeva associate professor and Fellow of the Nanovic Institute for European Studies, presented “Idol Searches, iPods, and One-Hit Wonders: What Pop Culture Can Teach Us About Reading, Writing, and Canon-Formation in the Renaissance” at the School of Languages and Cultures, Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand (June 2008).

Julia Douthwaite, professor and Fellow of the Nanovic Institute for European Studies, co-organized, the international bilingual conference “New Paradigms for Revolutionary Studies: French-American Colloquium,” held Oct. 6–7, at the University of Notre Dame.

Alan Dowty, professor emeritus of political science, presented the invited lectures “The Fourth Stage of the Arab-Israel Conflict” at the Rothberg School of International Studies, Hebrew University, on Dec. 22, 2008; “Jews and Arabs in the First Aliyah” at Efrata College, Jerusalem, on Dec. 22, 2008; “Doves and Hawks in the First Aliyah” at a conference on “Crossing Borders” held at Hebrew University on Dec. 23, 2008; and the keynote address at the conference “Democracy, Religion, and Conflict: the Dilemmas of Israeli-Palestinian Peacemaking” at Syracuse University on March 26, 2009. Dowty was a panel speaker at the symposium on “Iran: Threat, Challenge, or Opportunity?” Middle East Strategy at Harvard, Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, Harvard University, April 30, 2009; gave the keynote address at the conference on “Israel/Palestine in Perspective,” University of Toronto, May 1, 2009; presented the keynote address for the National Congress of the Canadian Federation of Jewish Students, May 1, 2009, in Toronto; and was an invited speaker at the conference on “Israel, Palestine, and the World: Prospects for Peaceful Resolution” held at the University of Chicago, May 14, 2009.

Michael Driscoll, professor of theology, was the invited speaker at conference on “The Liber ordinarius as a Source of Cultural History” at Tilberg University and at Radboud University Nijmegen, The Netherlands, Nov. 26–28, 2008; “The Church Makes the Eucharist and the Eucharist Makes the Church: Liturgy in the Shaping Catholic Identity” on Feb. 5, 2008, for the Archdiocese of Seattle, Presbyterate and Diaconate; “Sing to the Lord: Music in Divine Worship,” Feb. 6–7, for the pastoral musicians of Seattle Archdiocese, Anacortes and Longview, Wash.; and the Hesburgh Lecture on “The Eucharist and Social Justice” in Staten Island, NY., on April 30, 2009.

Giles Duffield, assistant professor if biological sciences, presented “A Role for Inhibitor of DNA-Binding 2 (ID2) in the Photoentrainment Mechanism of the Mammalian Circadian Clock” at the Society for Neuroscience annual meeting, held in Washington, D.C., Nov. 14–18, 2008.

William G. Dwyer, Hank Professor of Mathematics, gave an invited lecture on July 22, 2008, in the mathematics department of Stanford Univ. titled “Homotopy Nilpotent Groups”; an invited colloquium talk at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, titled “Group Theory and Homotopy Theory” on Jan. 1, 2009; a series of three invited lectures at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne, titled “Homotopy Theory and Classifying Spaces,” Jan. 15, 22, and 29; and “Long Knots and Operad Maps” as an invited speaker at the “Midwest Topology Seminar” held at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, May 2–3, 2009.