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Faculty Publications M–Q

Cynthia Mahmood, associate professor of anthropology, published “Islam’s Unheard Voices” in (London) Times Higher Education Magazine (July 31, 2008).

Lawrence C. Marsh, professor emeritus in the Department of Economics and Econometrics published, with P.J. Smith, “Evaluating Assumptions of Weighting Class Methods for Partial Response Using a Selection Model” in Statistics in Medicine 27 (2008): 4569–80.

Grant J. Mathews, professor of physics, published “Late Decaying Dark Matter, Bulk Viscosity and the Cosmic Acceleration” with Christopher Kolda (associate professor and director of undergraduate studies) and N.Q. Lan, Physical Review D 78 (2008): 043525 (1–9); “Effects of b-Decays of Excited-State Nuclei on the astrophysical r-Process” with M.A. Famiano, R.N. Boyd, T. Kajino, K. Otsuki, and M. Terasawa, J. Phys. G 35 (2008): 025203; “The X- Solution to the 6Li and 7Li Big Bang Nucleosynthesis Problems” with M. Kusakabe, T. Kajino, R.N. Boyd, and T. Yoshida, Astrophys. J. 208 (2008): 846–57; “Effects of a Primordial Magnetic Field on Low and High Multipoles of the CMB” with D. Yamazaki, K. Ichiki, and T. Kajino, Phys. Rev. D 77 (2008): 043005; “Alternative Unified Views on Dark Matter and Dark Energy” with K. Ichiki, T. Kajino, and N.Q. Lan, Mod. Phys. Lett. A 23 (2008): 1372–83; “Neutrino Mass Effects on Vector and Tensor CMB Anisotropies in the Presence of a Primordial Magnetic Field” with K. Kojima, I. Kiyotomo, D.G. Yamazaki, and T. Kajino, Phys. Rev. D 78 (2008): 045010; “Frontiers of Nuclear Astrophysics,” Nucl. Phys. A 805 (2008): 303–12; “Effect of Negatively-Charged Massive Particles on Big-Bang Nucleosynthesis and a Solution to the Lithium Problems” with M. Kusakabe, T. Kajino, R.N. Boyd, and T. Yoshida, Mod. Phys. Lett. A23 (2008): 1668–74; and “Constraints on the Primordial Magnetic Field from s8” with D.G. Yamazaki, K. Ichiki, and T. Kajino, Phys. Rev. D 78 (2008): 123001.

Timothy Matovina, professor of theology, published “Theologies of Guadalupe: From the Spanish Colonial Era to Pope John Paul II,” Theological Studies 70 (March 2009): 61–91.

David T. Mayernik, associate professor of architecture, delivered three lectures to the Erasmus-Jefferson scholars summer program in Tuscany, in July; an invited paper, “Palladio and the Urban Theater,” at the Institute for Classical Architecture & Classical America’s Symposium “Intra Moenia: Palladio and the City,” New York, Oct. 25; and lectured on “Italy & the Renaissance Mind: What the Past Has to Teach Us Today” the Univ. of Texas at San Antonio College of Architecture, Oct. 30. His work was displayed in a traveling exhibition, “Palladio and American Classicism,” Richmond, Va., July through September, and in New York in October; and the “New Palladians Exhibition,” the Traditional Architecture Group at the RIBA, and the Princes Foundation for the Built Environment, in London during September.

Rev. Richard McBrien, professor of theology, published The Church: The Evolution of Catholicism (San Francisco: HarperOne, 2008); reviewed Avery Cardinal Dulles, Church and Society: The Laurence J. McGinley Lectures, 1988–2007, in Commonweal CXXXV, No. 10 (May 23, 2008): 18–19; reviewed E.J. Dionne Jr., Souled Out: Reclaiming Faith & Politics after the Religious Right in Conscience XXIX, No. 2 (summer–autumn 2008): 43–45; and reviewed Bishop Geoffrey Robinson, Confronting Power and Sex in the Catholic Church in Theological Studies 69, No. 3 (2008): 698–9.

Ralph McInerny, emeritus professor of philosophy, published the poem “Effable” in First Things No. 188 (December 2008): 43; and “Newman and Natural Religion: Ex Umbris et Imaginibus”, in Doctor Communis, Fasc.1–2 (Vatican City: Pontificia Academia Sancti Thomae Aquinatis, 2008): 29–37; the Foreword for Thomas Aquinas on the Cardinal Virtues: Edited and Explained for Everyone, C. Kaczor and T. Sherman, S.J., eds. (Sapientia Press of Ave Maria University, Fla., 2009); “Ordinary Knowledge of God” in Per Una Filosofia del Senso Comune, Studi in Onore di Antonio Livi, coordinatore P. Larrey (Milan: Italia Nuova Editore SRL, 2009): 131–40; and “Literature and Georges Bernanos” in Christianity and the West: Interaction and Impact in Art and Culture, ed. C.S. Titus (Institute for Psychological Services, 2009): 88–98.

Dan Meisel, professor of chemistry and biochemistry, published “Layer-by-layer Self-Assembly of Colloidal Gold-Silica Multilayers” with Z. Zhang, Prashant Kamat, professor of chemistry and biochemistry, senior scientist in the Radiation Lab, and concurrent professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering, and Masaru Kuno, assistant professor of chemistry and biochemistry, in Chem. Educator 13, No., 3 (2008): 153–7; and “Literally Controlled Template Electrodeposition of Polyaniline” with T. Sehayek, A. Vaskevich, and I. Rubinstein in Israel Journal of Chemistry 48 (2008): 359–66.

Anthony N. Michel, the Freimann Professor of Engineering Emeritus and McCloskey Dean of Engineering Emeritus, published Ordinary Differential Equations with R.K. Miller (Mineola, N.Y.: Dover Publishing, 2008): 351 pages; Algebra and Analysis for Engineers and Scientists with C.J. Herget :(Boston: Birkhäuser, 2007): 484 pages; and Stability of Dynamical Systems with L. Hou and D. Lin (Boston: Birkhäuser, 2008): 501 pages.

Juan Migliore, professor of mathematics, published the paper “Bounds and Asymptotic Minimal Growth for Gorenstein Hilbert Functionsm” written with U. Nagel and Fabrizio Zanello, visiting assistant professor of mathematics) in the Journal of Algebra 321, No. 5 (2009): 1510–21; and “Classifying Hilbert Functions of Fat Point Subschemes in P2” (written with A.V. Geramita and B. Harbourne) in Collectanea Mathematica 60, No. 2 (2009): 159–92.

Nathan D. Mitchell, associate director for research in the Notre Dame Center for Pastoral Liturgy, published “Rituality and the Retrieval of Sacrament as ‘Language’” in P. Bordeyne and B. Morrill, eds., Sacraments: Revelation of the Humanity of God, Engaging the Fundamental Theology of Louis-Marie Chauvet (Collegeville, Minn.: The Liturgical Press, 2008): 207–24.

Michael Tzvi Novick, instructor in theology, published “Crafting Legal Language: Four or Five in the Mishnah and the Tosefta” in the Jewish Quarterly Review 98 (2008): 289–304; “The Meaning and Etymology of אוט” in the Journal of Biblical Literature 127 (2008): 339–43; “Wisdom’s Wandering Wandering: On the Evolution of a Motif” in Henoch 30 (2008): 104–18; “Pain and Production in Eden: Some Philological Reflections on Genesis iii 16” in Vetus Testamentum 58 (2008): 235–44; and “Praying with the Bible: Speech Situation in the Qedushta’ot of Yannai and Bar Megas” in Masoret HaPiyyut 4 (2008): 7–39.

Christopher S. O’Byrne, assistant librarian in the Kresge Library, published a review of M. Aurelius The Meditations of the Emperor Marcus Aurelius Antonius in Legal History and Rare Books Newsletter 14, No. 3 (2008): 26–28.

John O’Callaghan, director of the Jacques Maritain Center and associate professor of philosophy, published “Either Robber Barons nor Philosopher Kings: Political Prudence in the Just Polity” in The American Experiment: Religious Freedom, Garaventa Center for Catholic Intellectual Life and American Culture, University of Portland (2008): 341–56; “The Plurality of Forms: Then and Now” in The Review of Metaphysics LXII, No. 245 (September 2008): 3–43; and ‘Plurality of Forms: Then and Now’ in The Review of Metaphysics LXII, No. 1, Issue No. 245 (September 2008).

Paulinus Odozor, C.S.Sp., associate professor of theology, published “An African Moral Theology of Inculturation: Methodological Considerations” in Theological Studies 69, No.3 (Sept. 2008): 583–609; “Liturgy and Life: A Discussion from an African Christian Theological Perspective” in Worship 82, No.5 (Sept. 2008): 413–33; “Africa’s Double-Edged Inheritance” in The Tablet (July 5, 2008): 14–15; and “Healthy Vision for Africa” in The Tablet (July 26, 2008): 25.

Larry K. Patterson (retired faculty, Radiation Laboratory), published “One-Electron Reduction of Superoxide Radical-Anions by 3-Alkylpolyhydroxyflavones in Micelles. Effect of Antioxidant Alkyl Chain Length on Micellar Structure and Reactivity” with A.M.S. Silva, P. Filipe, R. Seixas, D. Pinto, Gordon L. Hug (retired administrator, Radiation Laboratory), J. Cavaleiro, J.-C. Mazière, R. Santus, and P. Morlièrein, J. Phys. Chem. B 112, No. 37 (2008): 11456–61.

Jeffrey W. Peng, professor of chemistry and biochemistry, published “Direct(13)C-Detection for Carbonyl Relaxation Studies of Protein Dynamics” (reprint) in J. Magn. Reson. (May 9, 2008); “Perspectives on NMR in Drug Discovery: A Technique Comes of Age” with M. Pellecchia, I. Bertini, D. Cowburn, C. Dalvit, E. Giralt, W. Jahnke, T.L. James, S.W. Homans, H. Kessler, C. Luchinat, B. Meyer, H. Oschkinat, H. Schwalbe, and G. Siegal in Nature Reviews Drug Discovery, Advanced Online Publication 26 (online at nature.com/reviews/drugdisc); “Dynamics of Ligand Binding from 13C NMR Relaxation Dispersion at Natural Abundance” with J.S. Zintsmaster and B.D. Wilson, Journal of American Chemical Society (Oct. 4, 2008); and “Communication Breakdown: Protein Dynamics and Drug Design” in Structure 17 (March 11, 2009): 1–2.

Catherine Perry, associate professor of Romance languages and literatures, was editor in chief of the journal Nouvelles Études Francophones 23, No. 2 (fall 2008), with a section on the literatures and cultures of French Guyana.

Simon M. Pimblott(visiting scholar in the Radiation Laboratory) published “H Atom Yields in the Radiolysis of Water” with M. Huerta Parajon, P. Rajesh, Jay A. LaVerne (professional specialist in the Radiation Laboratory and concurrent research professor of physics, in Rad. Phys. Chem. 77 (2008): 1203–7.

John Poirier, professor emeritus of physics, published “Detection of High-Energy Solar Neutrons and Protons by Ground Level Detectors on April 15, 2001” with Y. Muraki, Y. Matsubara, S. Masuda, S. Sakakibara, T. Sako, K. Watanabe, R. Bütikofer, E.O. Flückiger, A. Chilingarian, G. Hovsepyan, F. Kakimoto, T. Terasawa, Y. Tsunesada, H. Tokuno, A. Velarde, P. Evenson, J. Poirier, and T. Sakai, Astroparticle Physics 29, (2008): 229–42; “A Proportional Wire Chamber Array: GRAND’s Status” with C. D’Andrea, M. Lopez del Puerto, E. Strahler, and J. Vermedahl, Proceedings of the 28th International Cosmic Ray Conference, International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (2003): 993–96; and “The Forbush Decrease Event of September 11, 2005 with GRAND” with M. Herrera, P. Hemphill, and C. D’Andrea, Proceedings of the 30th International Cosmic Ray Conference I, R. Caballero, J.C. D’Olivo, G. Medina-Tanco, L. Nellen, F.A. Sánchez, J.F. Valdés-Galicia (eds.) (Mexico City: Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, 2008): 351–54.

Jean Porter, professor of theology, published “Torture and the Christian Conscience: A Response to Jeremy Waldron” in The Scottish Journal of Theology 61 (2008): 340–58.

Joseph M. Powers, associate professor of aerospace and mechanical engineering, and Samuel Paolucci, professor of aerospace and mechanical engineering, published “Uniqueness of Chemical Equilibria in Ideal Mixtures of Ideal Gases” in American Journal of Physics 76, No. 9 (Sept. 2008): 848–55.