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Faculty Activities E–G

Keith J. Egan, professor of theology, delivered the annual Carmelite Endowed Lecture (“Carmel’s Love of Learning and the Desire for God”) at Washington Theological Union, Washington, D.C., on March 8, 2008; lectured on “The Carmelite Rule” at the Carmelite Monastery, Hudson, Wis., May 23–24, 2008; lectured on “The Theology of Desire” at the annual seminar on Carmelite Spirituality, Saint Mary’s College, Notre Dame, on June 23, 2008; and chaired a session on “Theology, Philosophy, and Conversion from Augustine to Denys and Ratramnus” at the spring convention of the American Catholic Historical Association, Saint Mary’s College, Notre Dame, on April 4, 2008. Egan conducted a Day on Prayer, Saint Clement Parish, Chicago, Feb. 16, 2008; spoke on “Lent as Journey to Easter” at St. Jude Parish, South Bend, Feb. 19–20, 2008; conducted a workshop on Saint John of the Cross for the Carmelite Seminarians, Carith House, Chicago, Feb. 22–23, 2008; spoke on “Friendship Matters” at “Theology on Fire,” Saint Mary’s College, on Feb. 27, 2008; and lectured on “Contemplation and Mysticism,” Jan. 16–17, 2009, in the two-year series “A Wisdom People on a Spiritual Journey,” at the Ursuline Center, Toledo, Ohio.

Virgil Elizondo, the Notre Dame Chair in Pastoral and Hispanic Theology, presented “Seance d’aperture de l’ecole doctorale de teologie,” the opening session of the doctoral program of theology at the Institut Catholique de Paris, in October 2008.

Georges Enderle, the Ryan Professor of International Business Ethics and Fellow of the Kellogg Institute for International Studies and the Nanovic Institute for European Studies, was a visiting professor at Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico, April 3–17, 2008 and held various lectures and seminars for business faculty, ethics professors, Ph.D. students, and the public; participated in the interfaith trialogue on “Religion and Global Business: Partnerships in Dialogue for the Elimination of Poverty,” May 25–28, 2008, in Amman, Jordan, and presented the paper “The Focus on Wealth Creation: Need, Clarifications, and Challenges”; participated in the international conference on “Business Ethics at Catholic Universities: The Role of Mission-Driven Business Schools,” June 11–13, 2008 at the University of Notre Dame, and organized and participated in the panel “Teaching Ethics in Finance”; participated in the “Fourth World Congress of the International Society of Business, Economics, and Ethics” (ISBEE), July 15–18, 2008 in Cape Town, South Africa, where he chaired the plenary session on “The Ethics of Globalization” with P. Collier and T. Donaldson, presented the paper “A Rich Concept of Wealth Creation Beyond Profit Maximization and Adding Value,” and presented some reflections in the panel on “ISBEE Founders Looking Forward.” Enderle presented the paper “What Is Long-Term Wealth Creation and Investing?” at the “Fifth Transatlantic Business Ethics Conference,” Oct. 3–4, 2008, at SDA Bocconi School of Management in Milan, Italy; presented the paper “Rediscovering the Golden Rule for a Globalizing World” at the “European Business Ethics Network Conference,” Oct. 17–19, 2008 in Antalya, Turkey; and conducted a two-day seminar for managers on “Business Ethics and Corporate Governance,” Oct. 21–22, 2008, at EGADE, Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico.

David Fagerberg, professor of theology, presented “Mary as Liturgical Person” at the Academy for Catholic Theology annual meeting in May in Washington, D.C., and an adapted version in the Notre Dame summer lecture series in July, “Mary as Paradigm of the Liturgical Person”; and delivered a plenary address on Virgil Michel titled “The Bible, Liturgy and Social Justice” at a conference cosponsored by the Liturgical Institute at Mundelein and the St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology called “The Bible and The Liturgy: Written Text Becomes Living Word” in September.

Thomas P. Fehlner, associate professor of chemistry and biochemistry, presented an invited lecture titled “The Relevance of Boranes and Metallaboranes to Structures of P-Block Element Nanoparticles” at the “13th International Meeting on Boron Chemistry” in Girona, Spain on Sept. 23, 2008.

Malcolm Fraser, professor of biological sciences, presented a seminar titled “Viruses, Ribosymes, and Transposons—Oh My!” at the University of Florida, Department of Infections, Diseases and Pathology, Sept. 30–Oct. 2, 2008; presented “Novel Transgenic Ribosyme Strategies for Control of Dengue Virus Replication in Mosquito Cells and Tissues” to the Innovative Dengue Vector Control Network on Oct. 18; presented “Developing Novel Transgenic Strategies for Introducing Dengue Virus Refractivity in Mosquito Cells and Tissues” at the fourth annual meeting of “Challenges in Global Health” in Bangkok, Thailand, Oct. 20–22; and, on Oct. 24, presented an invited seminar at Mahidol University, Faculty of Tropical Medicine in Bangkok, titled “Novel Ribosyme Strategies for Inhibiting Dengue Virus Replication in Mosquito Cells and Tissues.” Fraser presented a poster titled “Ribozyme Approaches to Inhibiting Dengue Virus” at the Gordon Conference "Molecular Approaches for Emergent/Re-emergent Tropical Diseases‚ in Galveston, Tex., Jan. 26–31, 2009;an invited talk titled “The Baculovirus-Derived piggyBac Transposon System to Establish Transformed Insects and Their Cultured Cells for Improvement of Baculovirus Expression Vector Research” at the "12th International Meeting of Baculovirus and Insect Cell Culture in San Antonio, Tex., Feb. 1–3, 2009; and "Effective Suppression of Dengue Fever Virus in Mosquito Cells Using a Group I Intron . . . " at the “Royal Golden Jubilee Ph.D. Congress” held in Pattaya, Thailand, March 30–April 6, 2009.

Stefan Frauendorf, professor of physics, presented the invited seminars “Symmetries and Collective Nuclear Excitations” at the “Workshop on Present and Future Exotics in Nuclear Physics,” Niels-Bohr-Institute, Copenhagen, Denmark, Feb. 28–29, 2008; and “High Spin Physics: Recent Achievements and Perspectives” at the RIKEN Nishina Center, Tokyo, Japan, April 3–5, 2008. He also presented “Dynamic and Static Chirality” at the “RIKEN Colloquium,” Nishina Center, Tokyo, Japan, on April 9, 2008; “Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking and Appearance of Quantal Rotation in Nuclei” at the Yukawa Institute, Kyoto, Japan, on April 11, 2008; the seminars “High Spin Physics: Achievements and Perspectives” and “Physics at the University of Notre Dame” for the Dept. of Nuclear Science and Technology, Peking University, on June 10, 2008; the colloquium “Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking and Appearance of Quantal Rotation in Nuclei” at GANIL, France, on July 4, 2008, and again at CRNS, Universite de Paris Sud, France, on July 9; and the seminar “Interaction of High-Intensity Lasers with Nuclei: Possibilities and Restrictions” at the Institute for Radiation Physics Research Center, Dresden-Rossendorf, on Aug. 21, 2008.

Umesh Garg, professor of physics, presented “Nuclear Incompressibility: How Far Can You Squeeze a Star,” a colloquium, at Florida A&M University, Feb. 14, 2008; “Exotic Quantal Rotation: Wobbling, Chirality and Octupole Condensations,” a colloquium, at the UGC-DAE Consortium for Science Research, Kolkata, India, July 21, 2008; “Nuclear Incompressibility and Symmetry Energy from the Compressional Mode Giant Resonances,” an invited talk, at the “5th ANL/MSU/JINA/INT FRIB Workshop on Bulk Nuclear Properties” held in East Lansing, Mich., Nov. 19–22, 2008; “Nuclear Incompressibility and Symmetry Energy with Compressional-Mode Giant Resonances,” an invited talk, at the “DAE Symposium on Nuclear Physics,” held Dec. 22–26, 2008, in Roorkee, India; and “2009 Nuclear Incompressibility: How Far Can You Squeeze a Star?” as an undergraduate seminar at Hampton University, Va., on Feb. 6, 2009.

Nicole Stelle Garnett, professor of law, presented “Mercantilism, American Style” at the Association of American Law Schools annual conference, Property Law Section, Jan. 7, 2008; “Reordering the City” at the same conference, State and Local Government Law Section, Jan. 7, 2008; “The Legal and Cultural Landscape of Religious Property Disputes” at Stanford Law School, Nov. 7, 2008; “Private Norms and Public Spaces” at the “2008 Brigham-Kanner Property Rights Conference,” William & Mary Law School, Oct. 17, 2008; and "The Order-Maintenance Agenda as Land Use Policy’ at the University of Minnesota Law School, Faculty Workshop Series, Oct. 23, 2008.

Robert Gimello, research professor of theology, resented “Zhunti and Juntei: Remarks on Contrasts Between the Chinese and Japanese Careers of the Indian Buddhist Goddess Cundī” at the “International Conference on Esoteric Buddhist Studies” at Kōyasan University, Kōyasan, Japan, on Sept. 7, 2007; presented “Esoteric Buddhism in a Time of Turbulence” at the conference on “Esoteric Buddhist Tradition in East Asia: Text, Ritual and Image” at the Center for East Asian Studies, Yale University, on Nov. 1, 2007; presented “The Bodhisattva Mañjuśrī in the ‘Caves of the Thousand Buddhas’ at Dunhuang: Iconography and Iconology” at the conference “Dunhuang: Past, Present, and Future—In Celebration of the 100th Anniversary of Sir Aurel Stein’s Expedition” at the Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, on Dec. 13, 2007; delivered an invited lecture titled “Literati and the Occult in Late Traditional Chinese Buddhism” at the University of Michigan on March 14, 2008; presented “‘Smoke and Mirrors’: Ritual Paraphernalia and ‘Sacramentals’ in Late Traditional Chinese Buddhism” at the conference on “Buddhist Occult Technologies” at McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, on April 12, 2008; presented “The Rôle of Occult Buddhist Belief and Practice in the Transition from the Ming to the Qing Dynasty” at the triennial meeting of the International Association for Buddhist Studies, at Emory University, Atlanta, Ga., on June 28, 2008; presented “Huayan Buddhism under the Liao Dynasty (907–1115)” at the “Second International Symposium on Huayan/Kegon Buddhism,” held the École Française d’Extrême-Orient, Paris, on Aug. 8, 2008; delivered an invited lecture titled “Daoshen’s (fl. ca. 1090) Amalgamation of Huayan and Occult Buddhism” at Foguang (“Buddha’s Radiance”) University, Yilan, Taiwan, on Oct. 22, 2008; delivered an invited lecture titled “Late Bloomings: The ‘Flower Garland’ Tradition of Buddhist Thought in Northern China during the Eleventh and Twelfth Centuries” at Fagushan (“Dharma Drum Mountain”) University, Sanjiecun, Jinshan, Taiwan, on Oct. 23, 2008; and delivered an invited lecture on “The Visual and Material Culture of Chinese Esoteric Buddhism” at the International Conference on Chinese Studies at the Center for Humanistic Studies, Yunlin National University of Technology, Douliu, Taiwan, on Oct. 24, 2008.

Holly Goodson, professor of chemistry and biochemistry, presented an invited seminar at the Research Institute for Cell Engineering at the National Institutes of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, in Tokyo, Japan, in early April 2009.

Joachim Görres, research professor of physics, presented “Alpha Capture Studies at Notre Dame,” an invited talk, at the “Workshop on R-Matrix and Nuclear Reactions in Stellar Hydrogen and Helium Burning” held in Santa Fe, N.M., April 21–23, 2008.

Daniel Groody, assistant professor of theology, presented “One Border, One Body: Immigration and the Eucharist” to the dioceses of Baltimore and Washington, Colombia, Md., on Oct. 14, 2008; “Catholic Social Teaching and the 2008 Election: The Challenges of Immigration” at Sacred Heart Parish, Notre Dame, on Oct. 9, 2008; “A Promised Land, A Perilous Journey: Immigration, Globalization and Theology” at the “Tidewaters Sowers of Justice Immigration Conference” as the keynote address, Virginia Beach, Va., Oct. 3–4, 2008; “One Border, One Body: Immigration and the Eucharist” as the keynote address at Mount Mercy College Mercy Day, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, on Sept. 20, 2008; and “Towards a Spirituality of Justice: A Day on Immigration” as the keynote address at the “Catholic Charities Immigration Conference,” Colorado Springs, Colo., on Aug. 16, 2008. He presented “Christian Faith and Global Justice” as the keynote address at “Transformative Spirituality and Mission: Ecumenical Conversations” for the World Council of Churches, Manila, Philippines, Dec. 9, 2008; “Justice for the Displaced: The Challenge of a Christian Understanding,” a response to a paper by A.E. Orobator at “The Deeper Causes of Refugee Displacement and Systemic Responses,” Boston College, on Nov. 21, 2008; “Dying to Live: A Theology of Immigration” at Fairfield University, Nov. 13, 2008; and “The New Immigrant Church” at Regis University, Denver, on Nov. 6, 2008. He presented “Globalization and the Gospel: The Challenge of Spirituality and Mission,” World Mission Institute, Lutheran School of Theology, Chicago, on March 27, 2009; “Muriendo Para Vivir: Jesus de los Indocumentados” and “Dying to Live: Jesus and the Undocumented” at the “Los Angeles Religious Education Congress” held Feb. 27–28, 2009; and “Crossing the Divide: Immigration, Spirituality and the Human Journey,” the Rev. Vernon Robertson Lecture, at Bellarmine College, Louisville, Ky., on Feb. 11, 2009.

Gustavo Gutierrez, O.P., the O’Hara Professor of Theology, presented a keynote address at the “Congreso Internacional de Mariologia” titled “Maria, hija de un pueblo,” Sept. 25–28, 2008 in Chiquinquira, Colombia; presented “Medellin, Aparecida and the Future” at the Catholic Theological Union and the DePaul University Congress titled “Transformed by Hope,” Oct. 29–31, 2008; and participated as a panelist at the meeting of the American Academy of Religion “Medellin Today” in Chicago, on Nov. 2, 2008.