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Faculty Publications D–G

Antonio Delgado, professor of physics, published “The Higgs as a Portal to Plasmon-Like Unparticle Excitations” with J.R. Espinosa, J.M. No, and M. Quiros in Journal of High Energy Physics 4 (2008): 28; “Phantom Higgs from Unparticles” with J.R. Espinosa, J.M. No, and M. Quiros, in JHEP 0811 (April 2008): 071, e-Print: arXiv:0804.4574 [hep-ph]; “Reply to Comment on ‘Hunting long-lived gluinos at the Pierre Auger Observatory’” with L.A. Anchordoqui, C.A. Garcia Canal, and S.J. Sciutto, Physical Review D 77 (2008): 128302; and “A New Gauge Mediation Theory” with I. Antoniadis, K. Benakli, and M. Quiros, Advanced Studies in Theoretical Physics 2 (2008): 645–72.  “SUSY without the Little Hierarchy,” Brando Bellazzini (Cornell U., LEPP & INFN, Pisa), Csaba Csaki (Cornell U., LEPP), Antonio Delgado (Notre Dame U.), Andreas Weiler (Cornell U., LEPP & CERN), Feb. 2009. 18 pp. Phys. Rev. D 79, 095003 (2009).

JoAnn DellaNeva, associate professor and Fellow of the Nanovic Institute for European Studies, published the article “Ronsard and the sein verdelet of Cassandre: Uncovering an Unexplored Italian Source” in Renaissance Studies 22 (2008): 542–56; and the book chapter “Marginal Notes on Marginal Poets: Ronsard Reading the Giolito Anthologies” in Esprit généreux, esprit pantagruélicque: Essays by his Students in Honor of François Rigolot," eds. R. Leushuis and Z. Zalloua (Geneva: Droz, 2008): 57–74.

Alan Dowty, professor emeritus of political science, published “The Past and Future of Israel” in Estudos do Seculo XX 8 (Coimbra University, Portugal: 2008): 29–40.

Keith J. Egan, professor of theology, published “Thomas Merton”s Approach to St John of the Cross," Merton Annual 20 (2007): 62–78; “Friends Matter,” Carmelite Review 47 (spring 2008): 17, 19; a review of F. Andrews, The Other Friars: The Carmelite, Augustinian, Sack and Pied Friars in the Middle Ages in The Catholic Historical Review 94 (July 2008): 561–2; a review of Teresa of Avila, The Interior Castle with Commentary by D. Billy in The Cistercian Studies Quarterly 43 (2008): 233–5; a review of Thomas Merton, An Introduction to Christian Mysticism, ed. P. O’Connell, in The Merton Seasonal 33 (summer 2008): 27–29; "Mother Teresa’s Dark Night’ in Spiritual Life 54 (fall 2008): 135–143; “The Éros of the ‘Dark Night’” in Seeing the Seeker: Explorations in the Discipline of Spirituality, A Festschrift for Kees Waaijman, H. Blommestijn, ed. (Leuven/Paris: Peeters, 2008): 301–14; and a review of A Better Wine: Essays Celebrating Kieran Kavanaugh in Catholic Historical Review 95 (January 2009): 102–3.

Virgil Elizondo, the Notre Dame Chair in Pastoral and Hispanic Theology, published Charity (Orbis/RCL Benziger, 2009); and “Jesus the Galilean Jew in Mestizo Theology” in Theological Studies (May 2009); and “Transformation of Borders, Border Separation or a New Identity?” (Chapter 2) in Negotiating Borders Theological Explorations in the Global Era: Essays in Honor of Prof. Felix Wilfred, eds. P. Gnanapragasam and E. Schussler Fiorenza, and published by the Rev. Dr. A. Amor of the Indian Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge (2009).

Georges Enderle, the Ryan Professor of International Business Ethics and Fellow of the Kellogg Institute for International Studies and the Nanovic Institute for European Studies, published “Rediscovering the Golden Rule in a Globalizing World” in Responsibility and Commitment: Eighteen Essays in Honor of Gerhold K. Becker, ed. by Tze-wan Kwan (Waldkirch,Germany: Edition Gorz, 2008): 1-15; and (with R.D. Huang) “A Market Perspective and an Ethical Perspective on the Fairness of the Renminbi-Dollar Exchange Rate” in Freedoms and Responsibilities for Business in China: Governments, Corporations, and Civil Society Organizations, ed. by X. Lu and D. Rossouw (Shanghai: Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences Press, 2008): 52–72.

Morten Eskildsen, associate professor of physics, presented “What can be learned from vortex lattice symmetries - A cautionary tale,” 10/19/2009  Seminar at the University of Birmingham, U.K.

David Fagerberg, associate professor of theology and director of the Center for Pastoral Liturgy, published “Prayer as Theology,” in A History of Prayer: The First to the Fifteenth Century, ed. R. Hammerling (Leiden: Brill Publishing, 2008): 117–136.

Guillermo J. Ferraudi, professional specialist in the Radiation Laboratory, published “Resonance Energy Transfer in the Solution Phase Photophysics of –Re(CO)3L+ Pendants Bonded to Poly(4-vinylpyridine)” with L. L.B. Bracco, M.P. Juliarena, G.T. Ruiz, M.R. Fèliz, and E. Wolcan, J. Phys. Chem. B 112, No. 37 (2008): 11507–16; “The (Tetraazaannulene)Copper-Catalyzed Reduction of Sulfur(IV) Species: A Pulse-Radiolysis and Theoretical Study of the Associated Reaction Mechanism” with G. Estin, A.G. Lappin, M. Villagran, J.P. Muena, J. Costamagua, and J. Zagal in Helvetica Chimica Acta 92 (2009): 339–56; and “Oligomerization of the Cu(II) and Ni(II) tetraazaannulene complexes: A pulse radiolysis study of the associated reaction mechanism” with M. Villagran, J.P. Muena, J. Costamagna, J. Zagal, and A.G. Lappin, Inorg. Chim. Acta 362 (2009): 2177–82.

Stefan Frauendorf, professor of physics, published “Shell Model Study of Pairing Correlations” with J.A. Sheikh, P.A. Ganai, R.P. Singh, and R.K. Bhowmik in Physical Review C 77, No. 1 (2008): 014303; and “Heart-Shaped Nuclei: Condensation of Rotational-Aligned Octupole Phonons,” ibid. 77, No. 2 (2008): 021304.

Umesh Garg, professor of physics, published “Triaxial Strongly Deformed Bands in 160,161Tm” with C. Teal, K. Lagergren, A. Aguilar, D.J. Hartley, M.A. Riley, J. Simpson, M.P. Carpenter, R.V.F. Janssens (adjunct professor of physics), D.T. Joss, F.G. Kondev, T. Lauritsen, C.J. Lister, X. Wang, S. Zhu, and I. Ragnarsson, Phys. Rev. C 78 (2008): 017305; “The Giant Monopole Resonance in the 112-124Sn Isotopes and the Symmetry Energy Team in Nuclear Incompressibility” with T. Li, Y. Liu, R. Marks, B.K. Nayak (postdoctoral research associate), P.V. Madhusudhana Rao, M. Fujiwara, H. Hashimoto, K. Kawase, Y. Nakanishi, S. Okumura, M. Yosoi, M. Itoh, M. Ichikawa, R. Matsuo, T. Terazona, M. Uchida, T. Kawabata, H. Akimune, Y. Iwao, T. Murakami, H. Sakaguchi, S. Terashima, Y. Yasuda, J. Zenihiro, and M.N. Harakeh, Nuclear Physics A 805 (2008): 314–6; “Electromagnetic Transition Rates in High-Spin Bands in 136 Nd” with S. Mukhopadhyay, D. Almehed, S. Frauendorf (professor of physics), T. Li, P.V. Madhusudhana Rao, X. Wang, S.S. Ghugre, M.P. Carpenter, S. Gros, A. Hecht, R.V.F. Janssens, F.G. Kondev, T. Lauritsen, D. Seweryniak, and S. Zhu, Physical Review C 78 (2008): 034311 (6 pages); and “Strongly Deformed Nuclear Shapes at Ultra-High Spin and Shape Coexistence in N ~ 90 Nuclei”withn M.A. Riley, A. Aguilar, A.O. Evans, D.J. Hartley, K. Lagergren, J. Ollier, E.S. Paul, A. Pipidis, J. Simpson, C. Teal, P.J. Twin, X. Wang, D.E. Appelbe, D.B. Campbell, M.P. Carpenter, R.M. Clark, M. Cromaz, I.G. Darby, P. Fallon, R.V.F. Janssens, D.T. Joss, F.G. Kondev, T. Lauritsen, I.Y. Lee, C.J. Lister, A.O. Macchiavelli, P.J. Nolan, M. Petri, S.V. Rigby, J. Thompson, C. Unsworth, D. Ward, S. Zhu, and I. Ragnarsson, Acta Physica Polonica B 40 (2009): 513. Garg published “Direct Proton Decay of the Isoscalar Giant Dipole Resonance in 208Pb” with B.K. Nayak, M. Koss, T. Li, E. Martis, H. Fujimura, M. Fujiwara, K. Hara, K. Kawase, K. Nakanishi, E. Obayashi, H.P Yoshida, M. Itoh, S. Kishi, H. Sakaguchi, H. Takeda, M. Uchida, Y. Yasuda, M. Yosoi, R.G.T. Zegers, H. Akimune, M.N. Harakeh, and M. Hunyadi, Physics Letters B 674 (2009): 281–85.

Nicole Stelle Garnett, professor of law, published “No Taking without a Touching? Reflections of an Armchair Originalist” in 45 San Diego Law Review 761 (2008) (invited symposium contribution).

Joachim Görres, research professor of physics, published “Production of Stable Tellurium Evaporated Targets” with J.P. Greene, A. Palumbo (graduate student), W.P. Tan (assistant professional specialist), and M. Wiescher (Freimann Professor of Physics) in Nucl. Instr. & Methods A 590 (2008): 76–78; and “Experimental Study of the Variation of Alpha Elastic Scattering Cross Sections Along Isotopic and Isotonic Chains at Low Energies” with G.G. Kiss, D. Galaviz, Gy Gyürky, Z. Elekes, Zs. Fülöp, E. Somorjai, K. Sonnabend, A. Zilges, P. Mohr, M. Wiescher, N. Özkan, T. Güray, C. Yalcin, and M. Avrigeanu in Origin of Matter and Evolution of Galaxies: 10th International Symposium on Origin of Matter and Evolution of Galaxies: From the Dawn of Universe to the Formation of Solar System, AIP Conf. Proc.1016 (2008): 221–6.

Rev. E. Gorski, C.S.C., professor of theology, published Theology of Religions: A Sourcebook for Interreligious Study (Paulist Press, 2008).

Daniel Groody, assistant professor of theology, published “Globalizing Solidarity: Christian Anthropology and the Challenge of Human Liberation,” Theological Studies (June 2008); “Dying to Live: The Undocumented Immigrant and the Paschal Mystery” in Concilium (December 2008); “Dying to Live: Migration, Theology, and the Human Journey” in “Who is My Neighbor: Facing Immigration,” Reflections magazine (fall 2008); the translation Globalización, espiritualidad y justicia Navegando por la ruta de la paz (Madrid: Verbo Divino Press, 2009).