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Faculty Publications R-Z

Karen Richman, director, Academic Affairs and Center for Migration and Border Studies, Institute for Latino Studies, with Terry Rey, published "The Somatics of Syncretism: Tying Body and Soul in Haitian Religion Studies" in Religion/Sciences Religieuses 2010 39: 379.

Jeanne Romero-Severson, associate professor, biological sciences, was invited to Foresttrac Meeting in Paris, France, to plan strategy for response to climate change on Feb. 21-28, 2011.  While there she presented a talk titled "Genetics and Genomics Strategies for Qurcus."

Samir Younés, associate professor of architecture, published an essay titled "Veils, Nudes, and Walls" in American Arts Quarterly, Winter 2010, Vo. 27, No. 4.