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Faculty Activities M-Q

Juan Migliore, professor of mathematics, gave the invited talk "A Tour of the Weak and Strong Lefschetz Properties" at the Midwest Commutative Algebra and Geometry Conference at Purdue University on May 26, 2011.

John O’Callaghan, professor of philosophy and director of the Jacques Maritain Center, lectured on Walker Percy at Notre Dame as part of the Ethics and Culture Center’s Catholic Literature and Culture series, on Sept. 14, 2010.  Gave a talk on the “Immaterial Soul and Its Discontents” at the Dominical House of Studies Thomistic Circle on Oct. 23, 2010.  The featured speaker at the 2010 Baylor University (Waco, TX) Symposium on Faith and Culture, Oct. 29. His talk was titled “We Have Been Friends Together.”

Michael Pfrender, associate professor, biological sciences, was an outside committee member and presented a seminar, "Genome Structure and Functional Diversification in an Ecoresponsive Model Organism," at the University of Texas Austin on Jan. 19-21, 2011. 

Claudia Polini, Rev. John Cardinal O'Hara, C.S.C., Professor of Mathematics, gave an invited lecture titled "J-multiplicity and depth of associated graded rings" at the Commutative Algebra in the Southeast Meeting, Columbia, S.C., March 19, 2011.

Joseph M. Powers, professor of aerospace and mechanical engineering, gave two oral presentations, "Application of Slow Invariant Manifold Correction for Diffusion" and "The Dynamics of Unsteady Detonation and Diffusion; chaired a session; and attended two committee meetings at the 49th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting in Orlando, Fla., Jan. 4-7, 2011.