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Faculty Publications M-Q

Grant Matthews, professor of physics, published “Cosmic Acceleration and  Bulk Viscosity from Late-Decaying Dark Matter,” N. Q. Lan and G. J. Mathews, Communications in Physics 19, 96-104 (2009). "The Interstellar rubidium isotope abundance toward HD169454," S. Kawanomoto, W. Aoki, T. Kajino, G. J. Mathews, Astrophys. J. 698, 509-513 (2009). "Effect of long-lived strongly interacting relic particles on big bang nucleosynthesis,"  M. Kusakabe, T. Kajino, T, Yoshida, and G. J. Mathews, Phys. Rev. D 80, 103501 (2009). “Methods and Projects for Introductory Astronomy,” Terry Rettig and Grant J. Mathews, (Cengage Learning Publ., Mason OH) 1st Ed. (2009 ISBN-10: 1-111-05481-9) [Book].

John P. Meier, professor of theology, published A Marginal Jew: Rethinking the Historical Jesus 4: Law and Love (Anchor Yale Bible Reference Library; New Haven: Yale University Press, 2009).

Juan Migliore, professor of mathematics, published the paper “Numerical Computation of the Dimensions of the Cohomology of Twists of Ideal Sheaves” with J. Hauenstein, C. Peterson, and A. Sommese in Interactions of Classical and Numberical Algebraic Geometry, Contemporary Math 496 (2009): 235–42; and “The Strength of the Weak Lefschetz Property” (written with F. Zanello) in the Illinois Journal of Mathematics 52, No. 4 (2009): 1417–33.

A. Mozumder, emeritus faculty, Radiation Lab, published “Electron Mobility in Liquid Isomeric Pentanes: Rationalization Based on Anderson Localization” with Gordon L. Hug, retired administrator, Radiation Lab, Chem. Phys. Lett. 480 (2009): 71–74.

John O’Callaghan, professor of philosophy and director of the Jacques Maritain Center, published “Are We Beyond the Conflict of Faith?”at thecatholicthing.com on Nov. 6, 2009.

Allen G. Oliver, research associate professor, chemistry and biochemistry, published "Oxygenation of Cobalt Porphyrinates: Coordination or Oxidation?" with Jianfeng Li (postdoctoral research associate), Bruce C. Noll, W. Robert Scheidt (professor of chemistry and biochemistry), Guillermo Ferraudi (professional specialist) and A. Graham Lappin (professor) in Inorganic Chemistry 49 (2010): 2398-2406.  “Unfolding of the [Cu2(1,3-bis(9-methyl-1,10-phenanthrolin-2-yl)propane)2]2+ helicate. Coupling of the chlorocarbon dehalogenation to the unfolding process” with L. Lemus, J. Guerrero, J. Costamagna, G. Estiu, A. Graham, B.C. Noll in Inorganic Chemistry 49, pg 4023-4035 (2010).

Robert Pelton, professor of theology, published “A Preferential and Evangelizing Option for the Poor: The Catholic Church from Medellin to Puebla” in Religion and Society in Latin America (eds: L. Penyak and W. Petry).

Michael Pfrender, associate professor, Department of Biological Sciences: Scoville, AG and ME Pfrender, 2010.  Phenotypic plasticity facilitates recurrent adaptation to introduced predators. PNAS 107:4260-4263.

John Poirier, professor emeritus of physics, published “Experimental Data and Analysis of the October 2003 Forbush Decrease” with C. D’Andrea and Dinshaw S. Balsara, professor of physics, in Advances in Space Research 44 (2009): 1247–51.