*Please Note: With the start of the 2011–12 academic year, the ND Report website will no longer be updated.

Faculty Activities H-L

J. Christopher Howk, professor of physics, delivered an invited talk, “Probing Galactic Outflows and Infall with Lyman Limit Systems,” at A Quarter Century of DLAs: Celebrating the Career of Arthur Wolfe; Ringberg, Germany, July 4-7, 2011. He presented “Tracing the Evolution of the Accretion and Outflows over Cosmic Time with Lyman Limit Absorption,” contributed talk, The Cosmic Odyssey of Baryons: accreting, outflowing and hiding; Marseille, France, June 20-24, 2011.

David R. Hyde, professor of biological sciences, attended the European Zebrafish Meeting and gave a talk in Edinburgh, Scotland, on July 4 - 10, 2011. The title of the talk was  "The role of TNF alpha in initiating Muller glia proliferation in the light-damaged retina."

Christopher Jerde, research assistant professor of biological sciences, traveled to Chicago, Illinois, for an invasive species conference on May 11 - 13 and to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, for an invasive species conference on May 17 - 20.  While at these conferences he presented a talk titled "Needles, haystacks, threads and strings of probability: Invasive species early detection."